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Using rapid prototyping and PDSA testing as design tools for new technology

19th April 2015

View Iain Smith’s poster presented at the 2015 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

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Improvement projects using LeanAppQi

7th April 2015

Video and blog introducing the features of LeanAppQi and how they help staff to set up and run Lean and Quality Improvement projects.

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LeanAppQi guides users through the key steps of QI projects

23rd March 2015

LeanAppQi helps your staff to implement Lean QI improvements using a structured, project based approach and the powerful PDSA cycle.

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LeanApp saves time and reduces duplication in Lean Improvement Events

With a suite of dynamic data capture modules for use within Lean Improvement Workshops, LeanApp is one of the most powerful Lean applications available today.

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Measurement for improvement made easy

9th March 2015

Iain Smith, Head of the North East Transformation System, speculates on how measurement for improvement can be made easier and whether new technology, such as tablet computers, might play a role.

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Applying Lean Product Development Ideas to Develop a LeanApp

3rd March 2015

In this guest blog article, Des Kennedy, MD at Infinite Design, reflects back to the start of our collaboration to develop the NETS LeanApp.

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