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Case Studies

To accelerate learning, we encourage NETS users to share their improvement stories.  Find case studies and stories of improvement projects using Lean and the NETS methodology below.  Contact us if you have a case study or story you would like to share.

ENERGI – Improving culture quality and productivity

In this video case study from 2014 NETS conference, Christine Whing and Christine Crone talk about Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust’s participation in an improvement programme to develop a shared vision of nursing excellence and implement a culture to improve nursing quality and productivity.

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Gynaecological Oncology Enhanced Recovery Programme ‘To Site or not to Site?’

In this video case study from 2014 NETS conference, Yvonne Anderson talks about a project to improve patient experience of being assessed and prepared for bowel surgery at the Northern Gynaecological Oncology Centre at the QE Hospital, Gateshead.

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Translating NICE guidelines into clinical practice

Carolyn Brayson and Aileen Rooney talk about their project poster on implementing NICE guidelines at NETS2014

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Dignity by Design for Bowel Cancer Patients in Gateshead

Lean approach to space design leads to 26% reduction in patient distance travelled at endoscopy unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead.

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Tablet App Saves Time and Reduces Duplication in RPIWs

The NETS Tablet App has been designed to help Lean practitioners measure and analyse processes to prepare for and run RPIWs. Combining the portability of paper based tools with the convenience of modern technology, the app gives users a number of key tools that will add real value.

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Radiology Team at James Cook

Using Technology to Improve the Patient Experience in Radiology

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had been using conventional radiotherapy treatments which delivered a dose of radiation to the tumour but often applied radiation to surrounding, healthy tissue. The Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) delivers Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) allows much closer conformation of dose to the tumour and less time on the treatment bed for the patient.

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