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Case Studies

To accelerate learning, we encourage NETS users to share their improvement stories.  Find case studies and stories of improvement projects using Lean and the NETS methodology below.  Contact us if you have a case study or story you would like to share.

The Informatics and Transforming Community Services team

New Technology Introduced Using Lean Tools Reduces GP Administration

A healthcare team had found that community staff regularly spent a significant proportion of their time handwriting or typing up documentation into the patient record system.

They decided that in order to accurately measure the baseline processes, implement any changes and then accurately assess them Lean methodologies should be used.

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Team from the Jubilee Day Unit with their award nomination certificate

Lean Drives Reduction in Patient Booking In Time

The clinical coding team at Gateshead Heath NHS Foundation Trust had reported that a significant number of admissions were missing from the Trust’s IT systems. The teams at the units decided that in order to fully understand and resolve the issues they were facing with patient admissions Lean methodologies should be employed to facilitate the process.

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South Tyneside District Nurses go Digital

Lean Facilitates Digital District Nursing

The District Nursing team at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust had found that their paper-based referral and scheduling system was not effectively managing the 800,000 interventions they dealt with annually.

It was decided that a new way of working should be developed that would allow the teams to work in a way that maximised their time and improved the consistency of the service they provided.

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North Tyneside Transformation and Change Team

Lean Training for GP Practices in North Tyneside

The North Tyneside CCG Transformation and Change (T&C) team worked with three GP practices within North Tyneside to look at access to GPs as well as staff and patient experiences. The team worked with three GP practices to train staff in Lean methodologies, collaborative working, the development of new processes, implementation, and testing.

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The CPAP team

Using Lean to Create the Perfect CPAP Patient Pathway

Award-winning patient pathway project leads to 15 week reduction in new patient consultation waiting times Sleep apnoea is a potentially life threatening long-term condition treated through the nightly use of breathing equipment. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) team for the South Tees area had been working for some time out of a number of […]

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LDosPilot – The NETS Lean Design of Space Project completes its first pilot design workshop

The first Lean Design of Space pilot workshop has been completed working with the endoscopy unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead.

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