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Free Apps For Fab Change Day!

12th October 2016

Free Apps for Fab Change Day

For Fab Change Day, the North East Transformation System Team will be making LeanAppQi freely available to download on the 19th and 20th of October. The app will be available for free download on these two days only – so you’ll have to be quick if you’re keen to try it

To get your free copy, use the link below to go to the AppStore and download on to your iPad.

Then, to let us know, we’d be grateful if you could tweet us “@nhsNETS I’ve downloaded @LeanApp for @FabChangeDay”. That’s it! We’d love to get your feedback on LeanAppQi


About LeanApp Qi

The app provides a set of modules that guide the user through the fundamentals of improvement projects.

Aim – This module is a project charter providing space for documenting the current state of a process or system, setting your aim statement, and specifying scope, boundaries and key targets.

Drivers – This module provides a powerful tool for building a driver diagram around your aim statement.  Driver diagrams are visual representations of a process or system that help to break down problems, explore cause and effect and brainstorm potential ideas for changes that might help achieve the aim.

Metrics – This module allows creation of outcome, process and balancing metrics relevant to your aim, drivers and changes.  It provides a tool for entering time series data before and after a test of change as well as powerful charting analysis on the fly.

Changes – This module provides a tool for planning and performing tests of change using the PDSA structure.  Document the idea for each test of change including: how it will be tested; who will be involved; the results/what was learned; and what are the next steps.

Reports – Provides a live preview of your project documentation and creates high quality PDF outputs that can be shared immediately via email.

You can also checkout a demo of LeanAppQi in the video above.