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Innovation from Industry

Body_Weld_615_359Recent reports about the NHS in England have highlighted the important role of leadership in creating and maintaining the conditions for safe care. This project aims to assist leaders to create and embed a culture of safety and ‘zero defects’ by drawing on lessons from other industries.

In manufacturing, for example, modern production systems deliver consistently high quality, defect free products through application of Jidoka.  Jidoka is a whole system quality and safety philosophy developed by Japan’s automotive industry and widely applied in world class manufacturing. Similar systems approaches to learning and improvement are recommended as a means of improving safety within the NHS.  The NETS is a whole systems philosophy that promotes high quality outcomes through Jidoka, error proofing and building in safety.

This project aims to deliver action learning experiences for executive led teams that challenge current assumptions and develop their capability to both create the conditions for as well as lead change and improvement to patient safety.  Teams participate in time out development sessions and learn about essential elements of improvement culture and improvement tools at the source in world class production facilities.  With skill, leaders can use experiences gained by other industries not only as platforms for idea generation but as opportunities to create group experiences which unfreeze fixed ideas, build awareness of the need for change, create a receptive environment, and build commitment to act to make tangible improvements.

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