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Lean Design of Space Programme (LDoS)

Collaborative-projects-PS2-largeThe ‘Lean Design of Space Programme’ (or LDoS) aims to design, test and document a structured improvement event that brings together estates and quality improvement staff with clinicians and patients to ‘design in’ Lean principles into new or refurbished healthcare spaces/facilities.

The programme helps multiple stakeholders work together to create excellent healthcare facilities through the use of highly participative, Lean innovation techniques.  Increasingly, the NHS is being encouraged to be more innovative and look outside to other industries for ideas and best practice that it can adapt or adopt.  This philosophy is embraced by the LDoS programme which is utilising in its facilities design projects the Production Preparation Process (3P) methodology developed by lean manufacturers in Japan.  3P takes the form of a lean innovation workshop which uses the creativity and experience of stakeholders, such as clinicians and patients, to inform designs through interactive cycles of idea generation, proto-typing and testing.

The idea to bring Lean 3P methodology to the NHS is ambitious but we feel that it can bring significant benefits in terms of workflow, patient experience, safety and effectiveness of care.


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