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LeanApp – Tablet Apps for Lean QI

LeanApps_iPads_615_359The LeanApp project aims to provide professionals with high quality, intuitive quality improvement tools in convenient surface tablet format.

Quality improvement methods such as Lean are most effective when carried out in in collaboration with front-line staff.  A lot of time can be lost in recreating electronic versions of many of the paper based tools used to capture learning from observing in the workplace.  However, as electronic versions can be easier to share, store and update, it is little surprise that we feel the need to do this in our technology heavy age. The LeanApp project reduces or removes the need for this duplication by providing quality improvement apps that combine the portability of paper based tools with the convenience of modern technology.

We commissioned a local design and development company to help us realise our vision of Lean and quality improvement tools on the iPad platform to help professionals measure and analyse their working processes. Through workshops and scoping sessions we developed a series of rapid prototypes so that end users could provide feedback that drove further improvements. This iterative approach has enabled us to establish simple but powerful toolkits that allow users to quickly record processes on the fly. Data is then interpreted immediately and a series of reports generated for sharing via email or Airdrop.

LeanMed and LeanMan have been design to support professionals to set up and run rapid improvement events.  LeanMed has been optimised for healthcare and LeanMan for manufacturing.

LeanAppQi has been designed to support professionals to make improvements using a project based approach using the powerful plan, do, study, act (PDSA) cycle.

Our apps are currently available to purchase on AppStore or for white label rebranding for organisation wide business enterprise distribution.

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