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Collaborative Projects

We work with our member organisations to design and deliver collaborative projects that can add value to as wide an audience as possible. Our projects will aim typically to further develop specific aspects of the NETS methodology or create new resources that help to deploy it.

Coalfields Practice Improvement Project

Funded by Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group, NETS is working with five general practices in the Sunderland Coalfields area to improve quality and safety using a tailored, bite-sized approach.

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Innovation from Industry

Recent reports about the NHS in England have highlighted the important role of leadership in creating and maintaining the conditions for safe care. This project aims to assist leaders to create and embed a culture of safety and ‘zero defects’ by drawing on lessons from other industries.

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Lean Design of Space Programme (LDoS)

The ‘Lean Design of Space Programme’ (or LDoS) aims to design, test and document a structured improvement event that brings together estates and quality improvement staff with clinicians and patients to ‘design in’ Lean principles into new or refurbished healthcare spaces/facilities.

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LeanApp – Tablet Apps for Lean QI

A lot of time can be lost in recreating electronic versions of many of the paper based Lean and QI tools used to capture learning in the workplace. However, as electronic versions can be easier to share, store and update, it is little surprise that we feel the need to do this in our technology heavy age.

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